Panels United

Panels United was created due to the need for clarification and unity in the industry in order to help the advertiser/marketer realise the potential of using digital signage and adding it to their media mix.

Panels United makes it possible for an advertiser to have simultaneous access to all the quality digital signage networks. By working together we can offer the advertiser a centralised, convenient and simple solution to reach their target audience.

The need for a well-represented, well-targeted network is important in order to make advertisers aware of the possibilities and importance of digital signage internationally, nationally, regionally and locally. Without a full coverage media agencies, advertising agencies and brands find it difficult to work with independent networks as a viable media options for local, regional, national or international campaigns. Panels United provides strength for the Digital Signage industry by centralizing the process for the collective customer.

Panels United is not intended to replace existing network sales initiatives or to represent the network's brand. It is here to complement your existing sales actions and endeavours to be a trusted and effective partner. We are an independent agency that does not own any panels or platforms to give the advertiser the most objective results and keep fair trade between you and other network providers.