Panels United represents the industry as a whole and the possibilities of using digital signage. It is the single face to advertisers/marketers by working in partnership with the network owners/operators.

We are affiliated to creative agencies and research companies in order to deliver the highest quality digital signage campaigns while providing the best possible reach resulting in a maximum ROI for our clients. The benefit to you is that quality work is created and distributed through the network with the right case studies and information to make it easy for an advertiser to use digital signage over and over.

We are exclusively positioned to market your networks to advertisers and agencies to generate advertising revenues. We are a complementary channel to drive the client to you.

Panels United is an independent agency looking for the best solution for the client and offering objective advise and information.

As a digital signage operator, you must continuously manage your business to its maximum ROI. That includes selling a healthy mix of local, regional and national advertising. Take advantage of the national network that makes it easy for advertisers and media agencies to plan, buy, and measure place-based digital advertising.

We provides networks with increased reach, relevance and efficiency. The network partners benefit from considerable exposure of their advertising space.

Panels United works closely with media agencies brands, and creative agencies to deliver the right media solution in order to get the targeted consumers which each network serves.