Why Digital Signage?

The current facts show that there is a big shift of advertising expenditure from traditional media (RTV and print) to outdoor. Due to these simple facts:

  • 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store
  • 68% of in-store purchases are made on impulse

There is a need to capture the interest of the consumer in a new way:

  • The consumer requires more reach
  • The digital generation requires a different kind of reach

This rapidly emerging new digital media solves many of the problems plaguing traditional media, including declining national audiences as well as modern technology allowing consumers to skip or avoid ads. It is becoming increasingly clear that advertisers need to adapt their media mix to match changing consumer media-consumption habits.

The digital signage medium targets the hard to reach demographic and offers opportunities for media buyers and planners to close the communication gaps that exist in their traditional marketing and advertising execution.