Panels United is the first European digital signage media agency.

An independent specialised agency providing a central way to reach the digital signage network internationally, nationally, regionally, locally and by specific criteria.

We centrally manage the content, bookings and the billing of third-party advertisers making the process easy and effective.

Previously, an advertiser would need to contact numerous digital signage operators in order to get a well spread digital campaign covering the target audience in multiple locations. Owing to that fact, advertisers and agencies have not been keen to include digital signage in their advertising plans.

The digital signage medium targets the hard to reach demographic, offering opportunities for media buyers and planners to close the communication gaps existing in their traditional marketing and advertising execution.

Simply, advertising campaigns need to cover more ground in order to capture the attention of the ever-changing consumer.

Panels United was setup to assist brands, advertising agencies and media agencies in order maximise the reach of their target market. We do this through innovation, good strategy, media planning and buying with supporting research, enabling effective media investments across the digital signage network.